Online Deposit - a new innovative product from HalkBank

A banking product that enables citizens to become a saver of HalkBank with just one click. With this news, the bank is introducing significant digitization of banking services.

Halkbank as a leader in introducing new modern technologies and creation of products and services, has launched a new innovative product - an online deposit that citizens can start saving with just one click. Through this product, HalkBank introduces significant digitization of banking services for individuals and citizens.

The new deposit product is intended for individuals and is another step in the digitalization of financial services in the country, where, if the client decides to save, there is no need to go to a branch and open a savings account but simply, he can do that. any place. It is only necessary for the client to be a user of HalkBank's online banking. The savings can be in denars or euros, with the minimum investment amount being 3,000 denars or 50 euros, while the maximum amount is unlimited, according to the available funds on the transaction account, including the credit limit.

More about the product at the following link.

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